Wednesday, September 16, 2009

2005 McGuigan Bin 2000 Shiraz, Limestone Coast

Ok, I've never been a big fan of inexpensive Australian wines.  I've had a couple of really nice Shiraz wines from the McLaren Vale that friends who have lived in Australia bought, but otherwise, my attempts to find Shiraz wines that I've liked have met with disappointment.  In general, I have found Aussie wines to be rather one-dimensional, sometimes with off aromas or flavors.  And, so it is with this wine.  On the nose I get stewed fruit and brett (barnyard smell) and though I grew up in Wisconsin, I'm not a fan of the barnyard smell, especially in my wine.  The wine is light ruby in color and if I try to block out the barnyard effect, I can pick up hints of black fruit and chocolate.  In the mouth the flavors are dominated by acid on the front end and brett on the back end, but fruit does come through on the medium-length finish.  This was a gift and I wouldn't recommend it.  Time will do this wine no favors.

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