Saturday, September 19, 2009

2004 Melville Estate Pinot Noir

This lovely Pinot from the Santa Rita Hills has a medium garnet color and an incredibly aromatic character. This is a rich wine that is very satisfying to inhale, as it has layers of aromas, all pleasant, that are inviting and enticing.  The nose is slightly jammy, with aromas of lilac, clove and molasses and vanilla.  The sensation in the mouth equals the aroma's allure.  Intense flavors of fruit include hints of strawberry jam  and blackberry with a complex floral and spice essence.  The bottle has now been opening up for a few hours and the aroma deepens and the finish lengthens as it spends more time in the glass.  This wine is a real treat which, as enjoyable as it is now, can easily withstand a few more years in the bottle.

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